Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 1, Post 2- Library Revamp part 1 and a new obsession!

Aside from becoming recently obsessed with the idea of blogging and meeting fantastic teachers from all around the country and the world, I am excited to share my current "change" to my Classroom Library with you!!

For the past 2 years, I have been struggling with how to know which of our books are checked out, and furthermore, what my students are reading, while making the library experience authentic and exciting for my kiddos.  I remember as a kid loving authentic-feeling experiences like playing office, or Secretary.  The things that made these role playing experiences so exciting were things like multi-line (unplugged) phones, old "Memo" sheets, and computer keyboards to make real typing sounds!  :) 

So this got me thinking.. what about using those old-fashioned library pockets in our Classroom Library books as a way to make this experience for them a bit different?  I found these awesome self-sticking manila pockets on  I was hoping to include the link, but the site is disabled for maintenance until the school year starts.  (I will add that later!) I put a pocket in the back of each book with a index card sized recording sheet for students to write "Borrowed" date and "Returned" date.

I also made these tiny labels so I didn't have to write my name in EVERY book! Plus, they are less sloppy than my handwriting. :)

What do you use to keep your library in order?

P.S.  How do I become more connected with other teacher bloggers?


  1. I wish you had been MY 4th or 5th Grade Teacher! xoxo

  2. and...after just sorting through my boxes and boxes of 'memories' I can attest to the fact that you and your little sister most certainly played 'office'!