Friday, July 19, 2013

Fabulous Find Friday!

So today I went to Target.... again.. with a few teacher friends.  Target + More than 1 teacher= NOT GOOD!  Luckily, today was pay day AND I stayed under my budget. :)  I am super excited though because I have been wanting to make an "objectives" board for quite some time.  Our county is adopting Common Core Standards 100% this year, and I think it would be nice to involve the kids in the awareness of what we are doing, and that everything we do has purpose.  SO, I found this neat frame on the clearance rack for 7.00.  It is a little damaged, but that's nothing some spray paint and a big old bow/flower/embellishment can't fix!  I am hoping to have it ready by Monday to share for Made It Monday!

Here is the Fabulous Find before refurbishment....   

I can't wait to refinish and make it pretty!  Stay tuned for the final product!

On another school related note, today was the last day of summer school. :(  I must admit- I got a little teary-eyed after one of the kiddos I have been working with boarded the bus and rolled out.  At the time it felt silly, but as I  thought more about it,  I came to realize why the end of this summer school was so emotional for me.  Being a Special Education teacher for the summer, I had the opportunity to work closely with a few students.    It is even more amazing to me that I had actually at one point before signing up to teach summer school, decided I didn't want  to, and that I "needed the summer off to recuperate."  (What a joke! I can't believe I actually thought sitting at home all day would be relaxing for my ADD personality- not a chance!)   An administrator at our school spoke with me about the opportunity to do ESY when it was time to fill positions, and I couldn't turn it down- and am I ever glad I didn't!  God sure does work in mysterious ways. :)  This summer, my working with that child reminded me why I chose to do what I do every day.  He truly inspired me.  His light, his smile, his positive attitude, patience, kindness, and joyfulness are beyond anything you could imagine.  I think we all need that reminder sometimes.  Something tells me this reminder will last a long, long time.

How has your Friday been?

~Miss McDonald :) 


  1. Our summer school ends this Thursday and I'm feeling the same way. I teach 4th, but for summer school am teaching K and 1! It's so fun, refreshing, and new to me. I love it!

    1. I know what you mean! After this summer school session, I don't know if I can ever turn down teaching the Primary Grades! :) Glad to hear summer session has been good to you :). Thanks for visiting!!

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