Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It! and a Sneak Peek...

I can't believe it is already Monday... again! And time again for Monday Made It!  I am loving this blogging because it is motivating me to complete projects I have been wanting to do for a long time!  I am linking up again with 4th Grade Frolics!

 My first Monday Project is a revamped bookshelf for my classroom!  I have been wanting another bookshelf for my Reading Corner, but don't particularly like super tall, bulky shelves.  I prefer shorter, more petite book cases.  So today while perusing through Goodwill, I noticed this lonely, disheveled looking bookcase.. I immediately had an epiphany: spray paint fixes everything!  So I snatched that pitiful thing up, made my purchase, and headed over to Michael's (another terrible store for teachers!! $$$$$) where I purchased some Krylon Glossy White paint (my recent obsession), and materials for project #2. I'll get to that one next.  

Here is the original bookcase:

And here is the refinished version:

I can't wait to see it filled with colorful book baskets and all of the books I purchased at the Scholastic Warehouse Book Fair!! :) 

Onto Project #2.. I bought materials, sorted and put them all together, but am not ready to share the FINAL yet.. :)  I will, however, let you have a sneak peek.. I found this great idea on Pinterest to create a bulletin board using small bags for each month of the year, which will be designated Birthday Month Bags.  This will help make sure each child is recognized, while making sure I don't forget! :)  I bought tiny, bright gift bags from Michael's and fun stickers for each.  I used what we generally know and get excited about each month to buy themed stickers.. ex: April = Spring/Easter time, May = Flowers, June = Summertime, September = Back to School.. and so on.  I will eventually decorate each mini bag with the correct stickers, and create cute month name labels for each... Then, I will attach a decorative tag to each bag with the students names and actual date for each month.  

Here are my stickers (I am in love!)

And my mini bags..

Stay tuned for the final version!! 

What did you do today?  I can't wait to check out everyone else's Monday Made Its while I anxiously await the Bachelorette Finale! :)

Happy Monday,
~ Miss McDonald :)


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    1. Thanks a lot! I am finding that Spray paint can take anything from shabby and old, to chic and renewed!