Friday, December 6, 2013

Flippin Friday! and December Currently!

Hello, wonderful world of ideas, bloggers, and readers!  It's hard for me to believe that my last post really was two months ago.  To be honest, I had to take a break from lots of things to get my teaching and personal life in order.  With all of the changes our school system is going through, I really had to set my gaze on what's important: my teaching, mental sanity, and personal life (Ryan and Family!).... There is something wrong that my brain thought of the important things in that order... Hmm..  Anyway,  if you are still reading this, THANK YOU for still showing my blog some love!

I was hoping to post a Tried it Tuesday, but I had a formal observation scheduled for Wednesday.. and there was nothing I could focus on other than writing my lesson plan, uploading artifacts, and trying not to have an anxiety attack.  I think announced formal observations will always make me anxious.  There's something about having a person watch and document your every move that really sets me on edge...  Can anyone shed light on this?  Does it get any better?? I hope so..

So, for my Tried It Tuesday (3 days late), I have implemented yet another positive behavior system in my room to help my kiddos self-monitor.  This idea came from a friend, but it really solved 2 problems I was having.  1) It speeds up transition times, and 2) It allows students who are always doing what they are supposed to be doing greater chances of receiving an awesome reward for that.  They are actually quite simple-  all it is is two pieces of chart paper hung on the board in the front of the room.  One says "Quietest Worker" and one says "Great Example".  Below each header, there is a list 1-10 with space for names to be written next to each number.  Throughout the day, if I see students working quietly or being a great example for others, I say their name and which chart to write their name on.  They choose the number.  A student can be on either chart multiple times, and sometimes, that happens!  Then, as the charts fill up, I pull a number 1-10 out of my jar.  The student whose name is next to the number that was pulled receives the reward.  So far rewards have been: special seat for a day, chew gum, and 5 tickets.  My students are SO motivated to have their names on that list!  Here is an example of what it looks like in action:  sorry for the quality of the photo and the appearance of the charts.  It was one of those ideas I had that never reached the "cute" phase.. there isn't much time for all of that this year... :)

 What do you do in your classroom to make sure the kiddos that are almost always doing what they are supposed to be doing receive recognition for it??

And I am also linking up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade! for Currently... December!  This is a busy post!

Listening to: "Now That's What I Call Christmas!"  I have had the Christmas tunes on since the day after Thanskgiving! Wahoo!

Loving: Our house is completely decorated.. and Christmas break is 11 days away! (it was 12 when I made the Currently..LOL!)

Thinking: I needed to finish my students Reader Responses!  DONE!

Wanting: New jeans- mine are old and blah!
                To hit the lottery.. I think that one's pretty obvious why.. these paychecks aren't cutting it!
               A gingerbread coffee- I have a French Press now and I love to use the Trader Joe' flavored  coffees.  This is my most recent fave: 

Needing: More supplies!  To Christmas Shop, and SLEEEEEP.  All self-explanatory!

Favorite Tradition: My family always had an advent calendar and my sister and I loved to take turns opening the windows to find the surprise behind.  I have one for house this year, as a matter of fact!  Another tradition that I miss dearly is my sister, my dad, my mom, and me would make ourselves comfortable on the couch.  Then, we would put our Polar Express tape (I'm dating myself!) into the cassette player and follow along as the narrator read the story aloud beautifully.  It brings back such feelings of nostalgia, excitement, and gratefulness that I was able to share such a tradition with my family. 

I hope your week has been wonderful.  Happy Friday!

~Miss McDonald :)

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