Sunday, July 6, 2014

July Currently.. and a Guest Post!

Today I am linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her July Currently.  Things have been crazy here in MD for our little family.. can you guess why?  Read my Currently and see if you can find a common theme...!  :)

listening... to Robert Irvine kick some butt!
loving... the weather here... It has been beautiful!  Low humidity, mid-high 70's, sunny and blue skies.. I think Maryland is begging us to stay..
thinking... about how drastically my life is about to change.. we are moving our entire life across country.. I just freak out thinking about it. 
wanting... this move to be over so we can settle and get used to where we are living.. that includes meeting my new classroom! :)  It is killing me that I can't buy anything for it yet! 
needing... a pedicure.. which I am getting tomorrow with a great friend of mine. :)
4th plans...we ate, sipped wine, played cornhole, and enjoyed the company of our great friends (who I am really going to miss)!

So... did you find the theme?  Have you moved long distances before?  Do you have any tips you can offer me?  We are headed from Maryland to California... aaahhh!

Also... I will be guest posting over at For the Love of Teaching on Wednesday all about READING!...  Make sure to stop over!  I will post the link into my post on Wednesday so you can stop by.
Happy Reading!
~Miss McDonald :)


  1. Saw you on Farley's currently link up!

    That weather sounds amazing. I just left Florida and it was about 95 degrees every day. And I second what you say about needing a pedicure! I hope I can get one before we head back to work!

    <a href=">Halfway There</a>

    1. And for some reason my link didn't work. :(

  2. Maryland to California? That sounds like a good reason for crazy! I hope that you enjoy your new home as much as you're enjoying your time right now. Good luck as you get things underway. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  3. Wow! How exciting to be moving from Maryland to California! Good luck with the move! I can't imagine having to move everything, including all my teaching stuff. Safe travels. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ☺
    Amanda @ {Burkie's Banter}

  4. That is a big move! How exciting! Where at in Cali are you moving to?? My brother lives in San Francisco and I'm so jealous because I love it out there!!


    P.S. Not sure if you are aware or not but you are a no-reply blogger which means when you comment on someone's blog they can't reply back through email. If you google this there are tons of tutorials out there to show you how to change it. Let me know if you have questions though!

  5. Good luck with your cross country move! How exciting and nerve wracking. Hopefully, you will have some time to unpack and set up your new home and classroom before the first day of school. You will love the Bay area!
    Fifth Grade Wit and