Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Currently... from the West Coast!!!

Wow.. It's been 2 months since I last posted.  Life has been insane!! We have officially relocated and begun our lives here on the West Coast.  California is beautiful... but there really is no place like home.  I am blessed to have a great school community where I am teaching now.  However, I definitely have my days where I miss my old school and my MD people.  Time heals all.. at least that's what my mom always says. :) Anyway, on to my Currently... 

Listening....  Ryan and I are watching Modern Family as I write this... we love this show!  Always a good laugh.  Lately, I have been needing that.  

Loving...  The cool nights and sunny days of California.  Our apartment is always open!  I love it.  However, the sunny days could be a bit cooler... if I'm going to be picky... I miss the feeling of fall days!  

Thinking...  I could do one of these with my students on our class blog!  Yep, that's right!  Authentic, engaging writing experiences are coming to our class.. starting Monday!!!!

Wanting... more hours, fall clothes, and TOMs.

Needing... more sleep, more exercise, and yoga.  Since we moved I have been less than my best about running and going to yoga!  I miss my running buddies in MD. :(

Trick or treat...  Treats please!  Lately I have been loving York peppermint patties!  Anything chocolate and nuts or chocolate and caramel.. Yum!

I hope you enjoyed catching up a bit on my life... I sure have missed this blogging world.  What's "current" in YOUR world?  

~Miss McDonald :)

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