Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Road Blocks and New Paths Week 1

Aaand I'm back.  Inspired by a mentor/friend/supporter/person to lean on to document the stages of yet another new journey I've selected for myself. Last year was the 4th to Kinder jump.  This year it's the CA--> Maryland jump; and I chose to teach in a new county instead of where I taught before, Howard County.  As with all change, so begins the Ashlea's phases of acceptance.

I've learned a lot about myself these past few years as I've changed grades, school sites, districts, and states.  I LOVE to choose change for myself but always go through the Ashlea Phases of Aceptance:
Phase 1: Panic
"I can't do this. I don't want to do this.  What I had before was so much better".
 Phase 2: Action
"You have no choice. This is what you wanted. What do you need to do to feel successful? What information are you lacking? What can you learn to feel more confident?"
Phase 3:Analysis
What's working? What's still a road block? How can I work around it to make sure I'm doing what I believe is best for kids? (A.K.A: Sometimes breaking rules with intention).

This week back was NEO (New Educator Orientation).  I attended the first day, and was disappointed by the content provided for teachers.  It's surprising to me that school systems want teachers to create experiential learning opportunities for students, but in teacher trainings don't model that same mindset.  Riddle me that.

As I begin this new chapter , I plan to document each week with a brief t-chart style reflection and maybe some thoughts if I'm not too exhausted.  Challenges/Roadblocks, and then Work-Arounds to make sure what I'm doing is best for KIDS.  And in some cases, my mental sanity (hence not attending the "Curriculum spray and pray" session today).

Road Blocks week 1 as I entered my new county and classroom:

I'm excited for the journey, and honored to have the privelege of doing what I do every day.  It's not always easy but man is it worth it.